marketing, motivation, and leadership…the journey

Why those? Some of my favorite topics stem from these three ideas! MARKETING – …it is all around us, CONSTANTLY! How we perceive ideas, companies, products, services, all stem from the marketing methods used, and how our brain interprets them based on our particular tastes. — it’s fascinating to see research on this, and a fan favorite of mine with my graphic and video production background. MOTIVATION – it seems that no matter what stage of life you are in; physical, spiritual, age or career, motivation is a key factor that transcends the realms of time, and is a constant variable in our human psyche. LEADERSHIP – one of my favorites; in studying the way people lead, reading books about the various styles, and seeing the successes and failures (including my own!) of them, is amazing to see. You will probably see more leadership posts related to my own favorite style – servant leadership; for two main reasons – (1) This not only has had amazing results across numerous industries, but also, (2) seems to be the one less spoken of! It seems that once people truly find the nature of where it came from ;), and what it takes to apply these principles, it seems to be pushed by the wayside — more to come on this .. 🙂

For now, thanks for joining me as I reflect on the past, short, 10 – 15 years of my leadership journey thus far, and continue to reflect on what the future holds,




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