3 Starters Books for the”Any Stage of Leadership” Leader

Aspiring, budding, seasoned, just-starting-out, don’t-know-where-to-start, and even the know-it-alls who “think they’ve arrived” with a degree on a wall or card in their pocket, 😉 – whatever stage of leadership you are in, these three (3) books should be in your NEXT top-3-books to read list!

Long Side Note: notice I said NEXT, because as someone who should be constantly developing, reading should be a part of your growth process and plan. I am in complete awe of leaders (or people put in leadership positions rather), who tell me they haven’t read a book, or “don’t like to read”! Soldiers don’t hit the battlefield without being properly trained, or schooled on their arsenal — leaders should do no different! You put yourself at a major disadvantage in your leadership development with this mindset and approach to your “position”. Remember, just because someone parks a car at the top of Mt. Everest, does not mean in should be there, or even makes sense being there. If I just described you, don’t be surprised when others surpass you in your leadership skill, development, and understanding; you’re the one who just stood there, frozen, and watched as you clung to your title (which isn’t leadership BTW) 🙂

The Way of the Shepherd – Dr. Kevin Leman and William Pentak

I first heard about this book when taking a course preparing community volunteers and leaders to serve on nonprofit boards; a program of the Nonprofit Management Center in Midland, TX (which whom I am a consultant for today!). A few years later, the then CEO of a construction company I worked for, encouraged all the C-Suite leadership and the then incoming CEO, to read this and apply it to their leadership styles and patterns; let’s clear the air — the way of the shepherd is no easy method. It requires time that YOU invest, it requires PURPOSE-DRIVEN changes in how we do things, because many of these principles go against our natural human nature that focuses on “self”.

This book will challenge you to think beyond yourself, and learn to view others as Jesus did, and how you can leave a legacy of intangible things that will influence and carry on for generations to come.

The Leadership Wisdom of Solomon – Pat Williams

I have always been fascinated reading the books of the Bible written by Solomon, various historical accounts, leadership insights, and more written across the span of time. After all, Solomon is known to be the wisest man that had ever lived during his time (and I’d rival throughout history as well).

The Bible says, “God gave Solomon wisdom and very rest discernment; the breadth of his understanding was as infinite as the sand on the seashore…” 1 Kings, Ch. 4.

This book breaks down some of the key principles of Solomon’s wisdom, that we can apply and use in our various leadership roles.

Not A Fan – Kyle Idleman

This is one book I have on my annual-read list. I have strived to read this in the first 60 days of the new year since it was released; setting the tone for what I need to be doing, and how I need to focusing my efforts. Ah-ha moments, ouch-moments, and downright Godly conviction come as you go through the pages of this book, and honestly, has brought me through some difficult times in ministry.

This book helps you align your focus on His plan for your life, in a very easy, realistic approach.
Read on friends,


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