QUICK THOUGHTS: Leading Culture

L E A D E R S:

1️⃣ If you want the culture of your organization to change, it M U S T begin with Y O U ! ~ In the business world, NOTICEABLE change must occur and it be in every fiber of your leadership ~ that’s the small spark that can ignite the field! In the book, “The Culture Engine” by Sir Chris Edmonds, he says CLARIFY what you want it to look like, MODEL it, MODEL it, MODEL it, and hold everyone ACCOUNTABLE for living it out! Leaders get the credit when they have crafted a safe, inspiring, and productive work environment, but often times it is the “cause of someone else or the employees” when the environment is the opposite.

2️⃣ In the church world, that same must occur, Bro./Dr. Eugene Wilson, in his book, “Realign” states there must be a shift from the hierarchical/command-and-control thinking that engulfs many churches today. This approach inhibits your peoples’ voices, creates frustration, and creates an apparent lack of zeal and commitment. Acts 6:1-7 gives a great account of the near destruction of the unity of the body because of this – It was only after the apostles were willing to release the people, the organizational design was a success. Check out more on this in chapter 7 of his book.

💥If you are leading a group right now, what are you doing to promote a positive culture? Let’s chat about it!💥

Recommended Readings:
“The Culture Engine“, Edmonds, S. Chris
“Realign: God-Called Leaders Connecting With Their Purpose”, Wilson, Dr. Eugene

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